Yermi Brenner

Yermi Brenner

Berlin, DE
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Multimedia journalist

Writing articles and producing video reports on migration issues in Europe, and on international affairs.

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Israel germany berlin wall article
Is Pegida "Good for the Jews?"

Germany: Jewish citizens conflicted on whether to support or condemn the anti-islamization movement.

Img 4015 article
30,000 Syrians Resettled - Revived - in Germany

Germany: Syria's neighbors are overstretched hosting 3.2 million refugees. Only one country responded.

Anti pegida rallies 02a article
German Muslims Speak In Face of PEGIDA's Rise

GERMANY: The intensifying anti-Islamic rallies has many wondering what it takes to be a ‘real’ German.

German cross article
Wave of Anti-Islamization Protests Continues to Grow

GERMANY: Weeks of growing protests against Muslims continue in Dresden with 15,000 hitting the streets.

Dsc 4515 article
Neo-Nazi Leader Turned Refugees Activist

GERMANY: After a decade as violent right-wing extremist, Steven Hartung changed his ways, with the help of EXIT.

Activestills palestine article
Photographers Collective Shooting Against the Grain

ISRAEL/PALESTINE: ActiveStills are exposing political struggles the Israeli society prefers to ignore. (VIDEO)

Img 3681 article
From Europe's "Sick Man" to Global Superpower

GERMANY: Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this export-based economy has grown to become the EU's strongest.

Human chain1 article
Jews and Muslims Take Stand Against Racism

Germany: Salaam-Schalom Initiative encourages intercultural dialog, exchange, in diverse Berlin.

Open uri20140603 634 m3scei article
Migrants Brave the Sea for Uncertain Future in Italy

ITALY: Irregular sea migration to Europe is surging, and Sicily is the main destination. (SLIDESHOW)

201411111411510734 20 article
Germany Faces Wave of Racist Rhetoric

Germany: Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia on full display this year, revved up by ISIL and events in Gaza.

2014926125639697734 20 article
Peak into Life of Refugee Children in Germany

GERMANY: Thousands live in sub-par living conditions for many months, with uncertain residence status.

Open uri20140603 27367 1seham3 article
The Tense Wait for Family Reunification

SWEDEN: Khassan was smuggled from Aleppo to Stockholm, leaving his wife and kids behind. Now he waits in fear.

Screen shot 2014 12 11 at 7.10.17 pm article
Cleaning Up the Clothing Supply Chain

GLOBAL: Production lines are being reevaluated in world's second most polluting industry.

Marwan shoaib article
Good, Bad and Ugly of Refugee Policy

GLOBAL: How to handle a surge of asylum-seekers? Three countries offer different approaches.

Open uri20140603 3832 15agq8s article
Syrians' Perilous Path to European haven

SWEDEN: Refugees from Syria risk lives and life-savings to reach one of the few EU countries welcoming them.