Yermi Brenner

Yermi Brenner

Berlin, DE
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Multimedia journalist

Writing articles and producing video reports on migration issues in Europe, and on international affairs.

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Img 5011 article
Celebrating Holiday of Freedom in Detention

Israel: Asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea held Passover celebration under deportation threat.

Teshoma nega article
'Voluntary Departure' is Lose-Lose for Refugees

Israel: Eritreans and Sudanese seeking asylum are denied access to services and paid $3500 to leave.

Img 4473 article
Exile Instead of Murder: A Syrian Refugee's Choice

Germany: Refusing to kill civilians for Assad, policeman escaped Syria for a life of nostalgia and separation.

Israel germany berlin wall article
Israel Targets Rising Critical Opinion in Germany

Germany: As celebrations marking 50 years of diplomacy start, Germans are expressing negative views of Israel.

Flag sign   pegida article
Is Pegida "Good for the Jews?"

Germany: Jewish citizens conflicted on whether to support or condemn the anti-islamization movement.

Img 4015 article
30,000 Syrians Resettled - Revived - in Germany

Germany: Syria's neighbors are overstretched hosting 3.2 million refugees. Only one country responded.

Anti pegida rallies 02a article
German Muslims Speak In Face of PEGIDA's Rise

GERMANY: The intensifying anti-Islamic rallies has many wondering what it takes to be a ‘real’ German.

German cross article
Wave of Anti-Islamization Protests Continues to Grow

GERMANY: Weeks of growing protests against Muslims continue in Dresden with 15,000 hitting the streets.

Dsc 4515 article
Neo-Nazi Leader Turned Refugees Activist

GERMANY: After a decade as violent right-wing extremist, Steven Hartung changed his ways, with the help of EXIT.

Activestills palestine article
Photographers Collective Shooting Against the Grain

ISRAEL/PALESTINE: ActiveStills are exposing political struggles the Israeli society prefers to ignore. (VIDEO)

Img 3681 article
From Europe's "Sick Man" to Global Superpower

GERMANY: Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this export-based economy has grown to become the EU's strongest.

Yakov hadas handelsman article
Q&A with Israel's Ambassador to Germany

Germany: Alliance between Israel and Germany stronger than ever, said Yakov Hadas-Handelsman.

Khassan2 cropped article
Saved by Sweden's Family Reunification Program

Sweden: This Syrian's refugee's wife and kids fled the Aleppo war zone, and were welcomed in Stockholm.

Human chain1 article
Jews and Muslims Take Stand Against Racism

Germany: Salaam-Schalom Initiative encourages intercultural dialog, exchange, in diverse Berlin.

Open uri20140603 634 m3scei article
Migrants Brave the Sea for Uncertain Future in Italy

ITALY: Irregular sea migration to Europe is surging, and Sicily is the main destination. (SLIDESHOW)