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Yermi Brenner

Berlin, DE
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Reporting on international affairs and migration-integration issues. Based in Berlin, Germany. Graduate of Columbia University School of Journalism.

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Screen shot 2015 11 10 at 17.22.01 article
Making Higher Education Accessible for Refugees

Germany: Europe's top destination for asylum seekers challenged to integrate them in universities.

Djordje buric1 article
Balkan Asylum Seekers Fear Deportation

Germany: Forty percent of asylum applications are by Balkan people, who escaped poverty, not war.

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The Asylum Interview - Refugees' Crucial Day

Germany-Italy: For those seeking refuge in Europe, the asylum interview is the moment of truth.

Yermi brenner article
My Great-Grandparents Were Asylum Seekers, and Were Denied

Germany: The story of Carl and Paula Brenner, German Jews who needed shelter and didn't get it.

Farah said ahmad   somali refugee in berlin article
The Refugees' Fingerprint Conundrum

Italy-Germany: EU law forces protection seekers to choose between being stuck in Italy or moving on illegally.

Img 5718 article
Berlin Sees Mass Influx of Refugees

Germany: Capital city has registered more new refugees this year than 2013 and 2014 combined.

Asylum seekers soccer team in neuhardenberg 2 article
Xenophobic Wave in EU's Top Refugee Destination

Germany: As number of asylum claims peaks, asylum seekers face increasing violence.

Taste of home 1 article
Refugees Cooking Their Way Into Social Inclusion

Croatia: Aiming to ease integration, a new initiative called Taste of Home brings refugees and locals together.

Lefteris arabatzis1 article
Greek Berliners Caught in A Political Storm

Germany: Greek migrants follow the political tension between their adopted country and motherland.

Celebration outside die linke headquarters article
Greece Finds Ideological Allies in Berlin

Germany: As Athens grapples with financial uncertainty, ideological partners in Germany show sympathy.

1   prince wale soniyiki article
The EU Member that Refugees Avoid

Croatia: People in need of protection are shunning this EU member because it is too homogenous and too poor.

Germany egypt presser article
Egypt leader al-Sisi's gets warm-cold Berlin reception

Germany: Uneasy relationship between European economic interests and foreign policy ideals was on full display.

Israel germany berlin wall article
Haunted by the Holocaust, Split Over Israel

Germany: Leftists caught between guilt over the Holocaust and outrage over the plight of Palestinians.

Usa runners including melissa perlman  47 article
Emotional "Jewish Olympics" in Berlin

Germany: 79 Years After the 1936 Nazi Olympics, Jewish Athletes Flood Berlin for European Maccabi Games.

Img 5253 article
World Refugee Day 2015: Safe but sorrow, for now

Germany: Abdikafi Mohamed spends his days worrying about events taking place 6,000 kilometres away.