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Articles and video reports by Yermi Brenner about migration issues and global affairs. Published by Al Jazeera, CNN, Deutsche Welle, and other media outlets worldwide.

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Yemane mesgen   berlin article
Al Jazeera

Rejected By Israel, Eritreans Find Shelter in Germany

March 3, 2017, Germany: For a person fleeing a homeland, the most crucial decision is where to seek asylum.

Berlin  3.6.16 roma protest3 article
Al Jazeera

Roma March Against "Safe Countries" Law

June 5, 2016, Germany: Asylum seekers from West Balkans protest asylum policies.

Asylum seekers soccer team in neuhardenberg 2 article
Al Jazeera

Xenophobic Wave in Top Refugee Destination

June 15, 2015, Germany: As number of asylum claims peaks, so has the racist violence.

Screen shot 2016 03 02 at 15.55.48 article
Al Jazeera

Traumatized Refugees Mostly Unassisted

February 19th, 2016, Germany: Psychological support rarely available for people fleeing war.

Farah said ahmad   somali refugee in berlin article
Al Jazeera

The Refugees' Fingerprint Conundrum

August 20, 2015, Italy-Germany: EU law forces refugees to either be stuck, or move illegally.

Job fair refugees2 article
Al Jazeera

Job Fair for Refugees Attracts Thousands

March 1st, 2016, Germany: Berlin hosts Public-private initiative to increase labor market integration.

Img 5718 article
Al Jazeera

Syrian Brothers, Split by War, Reunited in Berlin

August 28, 2015, Germany: More asylum seekers arrived this year than in 2013 and 2014 combined.

Screen shot 2015 11 07 at 12.14.44 article
Al Jazeera

The Asylum Interview - Refugees' Crucial Day

October 17th, 2015, Germany-Italy: Refugees share their experience of the dreaded asylum interview.

Taste of home 1 article
Al Jazeera

Refugees Cooking Their Way Into Social Inclusion

July 1, 2015, Croatia: A new initiative brings refugees and locals together, sharing food experiences.

Entrance to main conference hall article
Al Jazeera

Europe's Refugees Self-Organize, Discuss, Unite

February 27th, 2016, Germany: Over 2000 people take part in international refugee conference.

Israel germany berlin wall article
Al Jazeera

Germany's Struggling BDS movement

April 21, 2016, Germany: Supporters of boycotts on Israel are outcasted and silenced in German society.

Djordje buric1 article
Al Jazeera

Balkan Asylum Seekers Fear Deportation

November 5th, 2015, Germany: Should those who escaped poverty, not war, be allowed to stay?

Celebration outside die linke headquarters article
Al Jazeera

Greece Finds Ideological Allies in Berlin

July 6, 2015, Germany: Leftists in Berlin gather to watch the crucial Greek referendum.

1   prince wale soniyiki article
Al Jazeera

The EU Member that Refugees Avoid

May 20, 2015, Croatia: Homogenous and poor makes this country unattractive for asylum seekers.

Germany egypt presser article
Al Jazeera

Egypt's Leader Gets Warm-Cold Welcome

June 3, 2015, Germany: When European economic interests conflict with foreign policy ideals.